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I got my first cockerspaniel Dina from my parents in 1989. Dina was a lovely dog and we loved her a lot. She died at the beginning of December 2002. We were really sad afterwards and we didn´t want another dog. But Chrismas approached and Santa Claus brought us a basket for doggie, a bowl for food, brushes but also a cute little puppy - Madona. The Chrismas was amazing and nobody cared for any other presents. Then we got another puppy - Nik. When we had both of them I started to be interested in shows and in breeding cockers. I would like to have more members of our kennel, but at first I want to finish my studies at university and then I will see…

Our kennel is called Through the rain, because even if life is not easy all the time, our dogs can always make us happier, so although sometimes it " rains" a lot, life with them is much nicer than without them…

I would like to thank Saša Zemanová (Dermott), who had been very helpful in many ways. Also Kamila Šimberská (Meocammeo) for giving me a lot of advice. I would like to thank my parents for their support and my sisters and their families because they take care of our dogs whenever we can´t.
Martina Ranschburgová

 12th June 2011
It´s Nik´s 8th birthday today!
PF 2011
Wishing you a Happy New Year!
 30th November 2009
Buck Totti Through the rain (called Totti) has great results of displasia of coxae (DKK) - A/A. Congrats!!!
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