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litter B


The boys are stunning, cute, gorgeous, awesome and charming :-) They are a lot of fun. They fight a lot. Eventually Bastien has realized he is much heavier and he takes advantage of it. He lies down on Totti, Totti screams but Bastien does not care and just keeps lying on him. So ever since Bastien started this game he reminds me of a sumo :-) But he is perfectly harmless, of course.
They drive me up the wall daily at 6am when they start barking and playing and then they start screamimg because they want to eat. Nevertheless, I looove them the rest of the day :-) Before we had them I had not known what I was in for. But I would not change it for the world!

We are having fun here. We´ve had several visitors in the past week. We had planned only some of these visits but all of them were very welcome and pleasant. My sisters and their children came round couple of times. One of them had two nieces over for a week so they came as well. Also my aunt and cousin came for a visit. And hoped-for visit from London - Mira and Arthur - came over . They flew in for a wedding and I really wanted to see them but it was a bit complicated because of the pups. I could not spent as much time with them as I would like. However, I had warned them about having puppies and not being able to go out with them for the whole days. They enjoyed meeting the pups a lot and actually we made the best of their stay here anyway.
And last but not least: Bastien´s future owners came over to see him. They had already been here when Madona was expecting the pups. And this time they met Bastien for the first time and I think they really liked him and he liked them. Totti´s future owner will not come for a visit because he lives far away but he keeps watching the web and is looking forward their first meeting.
Bastien and Totti´s fights became vigorous. Totti usually wins even though he is smaller than Bastien. Apparently all of our visitors think they are absolutely adorable and some of them saw a black cocker for the first time in their life!

All of my friends and family know how much I hoped to have a litter B and how much I wished for it. I chose a stunning, gorgeous dog Viktor (Imperial of Forest Paradise), the mating was fine and I could only wait for the result. Madona was enjoying her gravidity and she became even more of a lady than usually. And she also wanted to eat 24/7. When the delivery was approaching we started to be a bit nervous but everything was fine. Madona was amazing, we managed everything really well. We had a black boy, a red boy and a black girl. Everything seemed to be alright but unfortunately the black girl died at 9days. We had called her Tottinka because that´s what her owner had chosen for her and Briony would be written in her pedigree (after a character from the book Atonement). Of course we cried our eyes out and felt completely off colour. But life goes on and we have to move along with it. Her future owner decided that he would not look for another girl elsewhere but he wanted our black boy who was still vacant at that time. So his name is Buck Totti Through the rain but we call him simply Totti. The red boy is called Bastien.
The boys were trying to walk at 14days which is a huge difference comparing to our Angelina who was the only pup. She kept drinking and was a bit lazy to stand up :-)
At 19days we had to move the boys from my room to the room where is a small fencing for them to keep them safe. The room is more airy in this unbearable heat. The weather has been quite funny recently. A few days ago we had to heat up the room for the pups and now we have to check whether there´s some air in their room...
My four years old nephew Stáník was staying with us for a few days. He was absolutely overwhelmed by the boys. And they have been fond of him ever since. When I asked him which one he liked better he answered that the black one AND the red one :-)))
Uncle Nik is not allowed to play with the boys because Madona will not let him. But sooner or later she will allow him. It was the same with Angelina.
Today the boys are three weeks old and they tasted a proper food for the first time and they enjoyed it a lot.
They have also started their little fights but Madona always puts her head between them and stops the fight :-)

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