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24th June 2006 - a precious evening

Today we went with our dogs to the river for the first time this year. Unfortunately I do not drive and the places nearby are not very good for a lonely girl with two small dogs. It would be fine to go there with completely different kind of dogs but not with cockers. So we can go swimming only when my boyfriend drives us somewhere by the river. Today he came from work earlier and we could head after the river.
The dogs look happy most of the time so today it was not ordinary happiness. It was an extasy. Madona has put on some weight recently and she does not enjoy long walks anymore. She always looks forward to a walk but she wants to turn around and go back home soon. We watch her amount of food and we hope she will feel better soon. Anyway we found out that she enjoyes swimming very much and she kept swimming the whole time we were in the river which was one hour and a half. So I am glad that we found a pleasurable sport for her :-)
Nik used to be scared of water. It was my fault because the first time we went swimming we went to the river and there was lots of water and really fast stream. It did not discourage Madona but Nik did not want to swim afterwards. He would step into the water but he did not go into deep water and he only walked there. He didnĀ“t want to swim anymore.
But he forgot all about it and he was delighted today. At one moment I thought he was drawning. I ran to help him but I realised that he was swimming, splashing on purpose and trying to catch the water and he was having lots of fun. But it looked really horrible. So if you ever meet some people laughing while their dog is drawning, it will be us :-)))
We also screamed with laughter when Nik started to dive. Once I saw a diving dog in the picture on the internet. But it is much more funny in real.
Our dogs also love retrieving. Madona is better at it than Nik because he is too bird-witted. So she found the stick I had thrown into the water and he took it away from her and pretended that it was him who found it. Poor Madona - she could not swim, hold the stick and growl all in one moment.
An interesting thing is that they both did not stop wagging tails the whole time they were swimming.
After such a great evening we definitely know what we want to do this summer as often as possible.

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