Our stories


23rd May 2006

On Saturday we left Madona at home because she has her days and we went to the cottage of our relatives. There were lots of people, but also a big garden and a dog called Jessie. She wasn´t much fun though. She wanted someone to carry her around all the time :-( We went for a walk with Mum couple of times and I didn´t have a leash at all. Mum kept praising me what a good boy I was without having Madona around. Mum does not understand that I have to protect Madona during our walks and if I don´t trust some dog I have to bark at him to scare him of. Mum is sometimes very upset because of it but then she says that she loves me anyway.
There was a river by the cottage but I didn´t jump into it because there is bold stream and if it took me away I would definitely not have such a sweet life as I have now with my pack :-)

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