Nik Zlaté karáty
*12. 6. 2003
Shows: CAJC

I´m six months younger than Madona, but it doesn´t mean she´s the boss. I always watch over her when we´re outside - she can only play with dogs if I let her. Even when I was a tiny little puppy and it was her ´time of the month´, I didn´t allow her to go near the fence when her sweetheart Smokey was there. Well, my Mum was always there too - didn´t she trust me or what?
My Mum says that I´m nuts, but it´s not my fault that I always have so much energy. We go for a walk almost every day and we always go somewhere different, so we don´t get bored. But I would love to go for walks twenty-four seven.
When some people come over to our place, I´m usually shy at the beginning, but sooner or later I get friendly. I especially enjoy it when
Mum´s blonde, long-legged friend comes to visit! When she comes over, I run around her, I howl and I can´t keep still. I also love my Mum´s nephew Standa. He´s three years old and two of his first words were my and Madona´s names!!!
Standa´s family live with a turtle. Her name´s Poldinka. I used to be scared of her, but we´re friends now. When she´s staying with us and she gets lost in the garden, Madona and I help look for her, but most of the time it´s Madona who finds her. I don´t know how she does
I stay with my Mum´s relatives twice a year for three weeks. Though I
always miss my pack, I enjoy being there. Everybody is really nice to
me. They have a fab garden and I get to run around a lot. They have a snake called Simona and some mice, but they won´t let me spend any time with them. I can´t understand why!
I quite like swimming, but the river can´t compare to a really muddy puddle. And I sometimes go for something smelly and lie down in it, but Mum gets really mad after that, so I always have to quit doing it for a while - not for good,though!

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