Madona Zlaté karáty
*15. 11. 2002
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I am the calm one in our pack - at least that´s what the rest of our pack says about me. I love Nik, all people in our pack and Smokey, the dog next door. Unfortunately, when it's my ´time of the month' everybody watches over me, so our relationship has only been platonic so far.
It´s the same with Nik, because Mum is such a bitch and always sends him away to her relatives for those days. So we can´t have any fun together either.
I love our garden, but I prefer my people´s company, so when they´re
at home, I follow them everywhere - even to the bathroom.
My Mum used to go to the training - ground with me, which we both
enjoyed a lot. She always gave me treats and praised me there. There were mostly German shepherds there and their owners always laughed, because when we finished questing, everybody went back to normal,
but I kept questing the rest of the training. I really loved it, you know? I was afraid of some of the dogs and so was my Mum - at least I admited it, but she kept pretending she was alright!
I also love swimming. And the best fun is when some ducks swim nearby. But if I get too close, my Mum always calls me back and, because I don´t want to get under her skin, I always swim back to her.
Nik and I have loads of friends, and we love playing with them each time we meet them, but we have a good time when there´s just the two of
us, too.
There´s also a cat in our pack. Her name is Sarah. She doesn´t live in the house with us - she´s outside all the time. She only comes back for food and a cuddle and then she goes out again.

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