15th November 2009
It´s Madona´s 7th birthday today!!! Congrats!
4th September 2009
Lots of new pics in the gallery! You can find the latest pics in the section called gallery/nejnovější obrázky.
14th June 2008
It was Nik´s birthday two days ago. He was five.
There are a lot of new pics in the photogallery. You can have a look at the latest pics here.
12th April 2008
New pics from a walk were added into the gallery: Events and our walks/with Petra and Beruška April 2008.
 4th April 2008
Yesterday we went for a walk for 4 hours and a half. We went with Petra and her dog Beruška. Most of the time we went through fields and meadows and the dogs were absolutely delighted. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me :-(
1st March 2008
There are lots of new pics in the gallery. In the part called NEJNOVĚJŠÍ OBRÁZKY (in the gallery, on the left) there are the latest pics.
21st Decemver 2007
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!
 19th November 2007
Unfortunately the gallery is not working. When it´s fixed I´ll put new pics of Buck Totti, Bastien and Angelina Through the rain there.
20th September 2007
The sections offsprings and puppies were updated. Pics of the father of litter B were moved from section puppies to section gallery: litter B/the father of litter B.
16th September 2007
A few new albums were added into gallery: litter B. The boys (litter B) are gone and the house is suddenly very quiet :-(
Bastien has got his very own web site: http://kokrspanel-bastien.sblog.cz/.
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